Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Day with Hens, Willies, Kittens, Tree Sperm, and Fishing

How lucky is mom to have her eggs delivered, fresh, right to the back door. Maybe we could all get that kind of service if we provided cute little pink dresser drawers for our hens to use.  

The only thing that could make that picture more perfect is to have an adorable child petting the hens.  Oh, wait, I got that one too!  

We had an action packed day-before-Mothers Day gathering, and enjoyed every minute of the beautiful weather.  My nieces helped me plant some of the tomatoes that I started in my little green house.  Mom's raised bed garden was looking great, and I had so much fun  watching the girls overcome their aversion to dirty hands, worms that are accidentally cut in half by the shovel, grubs, pill bugs, and even a lovely salamander.

They both bravely let me place the salamander in their hands, and then had full body shudders and involuntary squeals when it started to crawl up their wrists.  I'm pretty sure we were all laughing together, but maybe I'm a monster who likes to laugh at children when they get the willies.  

Not everything was gross, because the kittens are at maximum cuteness right now. I'm limiting myself to posting just one picture of the many cute kitten photos that I took. 

While Jamie, Byron, and I were working near the garden making tomato cages out of some fencing, the wind would gust and pine pollen would fill the air like smoke.  Jamie mentioned that when the wind would blow through the large pine tree near us, it was like a tree shaped cloud would emerge and hover in the air for a moment before it blew away.  He grabbed one of the branches and gave it a shake and the amount of pollen that came out of the branch was amazing!  The photo above is before he shook the branch, and the photo below is the pollen cloud. 

And that's just one branch, imagine how many pollen grains are in the air considering the hundreds of trees in the forest.  We were getting coated in it, and breathing it.  We were breathing pine tree sperm!  I've read that eating pine pollen can boost testosterone levels in people, which can keep you young, energized, and...uh...feeling romantic.  Maybe we should have shook some of those branches into a bag and harvested some tree testosterone. 

Our day wasn't all work and no play though.  We took the girls fishing.  Fishing, which I haven't done in years, is exactly like I remember.  After scrounging up all the gear, putting line on all the poles, and getting all the accouterments into and out of the car and to the waters edge, a few minutes of fun are had impaling innocent worms and casting, then the lines get tangled, the bait gets suck on a log, no one catches a fish, someone nearly loses and eye on a wild cast, and everyone realizes its more fun to just chuck rocks and sticks in the water and get your socks wet.  Good times. 

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