Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunsets and Chickens

Sunsets and chickens - two of the best things!

I can tell which of the four white hens is the mamma because her comb is droopy, her feathers are untamed, and, if you look close, she has extra little legs.  Plus, she tries to peck me whenever I get close to her chicks.  She's a little scary.

Cogburn has developed an impressive mullet and mane.   And his tail feathers are iridescent.  He's either very smart, or a coward, because he gives Poncho a wide berth.  I never see them fight.  We all appreciate flock harmony.

We made some alterations to the brooder box now that I let the mamma and her five chicks out during the day.  They hop right up the ladder with no problems.  The other hens think the space under the ramp is a great place to lay their eggs, so I have to remember to collect them before the mamma puts the kids to bed in the evening or she won't let me get the eggs.  I have to use my basket as a shield to defend myself while I snatch them and she pecks at me.  She's so mean!  But, to her credit, no cats, snakes, or other predators have dared to eat her babies.  

Although we nearly lost one because it fell in the water bucket in the big coop and couldn't get out.  Luckily I found it before it drowned.  I dried him the best I could and set him in the warm sun.  It wasn't long before we couldn't tell which one went for a swim.  Now I know that deep water buckets are a danger to little ones.  

After the sun sets, it's time to admire the new lights on the workshop.  After years of darkness out there, it's illuminating to have electricity!

Watch out - she's gonna get ya!

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