Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Do You Like Blue Eggs and Brown?

I do not like them in the straw.

I do not like them in a hat.  

I would not eat them under water.

Or eat them like a scoop of fodder. 

I do not like them from under a hen.

I do not like like them in a pen.

I would not eat them from my shirt.

I will not eat them from the dirt.  

I do not like them in a pile.

I would not, could not, from the barn.

Would you, could you, in a basket?   

Eat them! Eat them! Here they are.    

Say!  I like green eggs and brown! I do, I like them, Sam-I-am.  

So I will eat them from the straw. 
I will eat from a hat. 
I will even eat them from a scoop. 
I will eat them despite the chicken poop!   


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo!!

-Tamara I Am

MA said...

Ha ha. Beautiful eggs.

Leigh Weber said...


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