Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Puck Eats a Pear

Puck, why do you look guilty?  What do you have in your mouth?  

Oh, a fallen pear?  Okay, you can have it.  

Puck roamed away to select the perfect place under the pear tree to enjoy his treat. I followed.

I love it when he uses his feet like little hands to hold something in place.  

Who knew dogs liked pears?

Nibble, nibble.  



This might be easier if he wasn't missing a big canine tooth.


Sniff, sniff.  Any crumbs left? 

Sniff, sniff.  All gone.  


Smack.  That was lip smacking good!  


Hey, what are you doing over here? 

Rub my pear belly, please.

1 comment:

donny_walrus said...

Adorable, and exciting with your Pear-by-pear commentary.

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