Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moving is an Experience

We moved to the farm!  Well, most of us have moved.  My silly chicken, June, is staying at our old house with Jamie until we get the coop situation resolved, but the rest of us have officially taken up residence at the farm.  

With help from family and friends, we moved most of our possessions in two trips in a single day.  Now I just have to unpack all of those boxes!

When we awoke after our first night in the little farm house, we looked out the bedroom window to see three deer in the front yard.  I wasn't a good enough photographer to capture all three as they moseyed in the mist, but that dark spot in the center of the photo is one of the deer.  The mornings at the farm have been lovely.  The recent cool weather at night creates a blanket of light mist along the ground in the mornings, and makes the fall flowers seem magical.  

Packing and moving all of our things was an experience, for sure.  We've lived in the same place for nearly thirteen years, and we didn't have so much stuff when we arrived there.  This is the first time I've ever packed an entire houseful of my possessions.  In order to get it all done in time I had to refrain from sorting through every picture I found stuffed in drawers, but I couldn't resist sharing this picture I found of Brandon from before we were married.  I remember taking this picture through the windshield of his old black car while he cleaned the window at a gas station.  I haven't seen his chin in nearly eighteen years!

When I showed Max the picture I found of his younger, and beefier self, he suggested I rub it on his forehead to see if it helps his eyebrow hair grow back!  

I wonder why I stopped sporting the side ponytail?  I might have to take it back up!


Anonymous said...

Rain, you haven't changed! How did the cats do with the move?


rain said...

The cats adjusted much faster than I expected. Especially old Max. He acts like it was no big deal to move! Newt has found her way outside three times all ready. I think she likes it out there.

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