Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Before Our Stuff

Yesterday, Brandon drove out to the little farm house after work to meet the guys who came to connect us to the internet.  I think we definitely have our priorities in line, since we scheduled the internet connection before we scheduled the delivery of our appliances, right?  Now that we can watch Netflix, we're ready to move!  Brandon told me that when the internet guy stepped into the house, he looked around for a moment, and then said "This house is built real neat, isn't it?".   Thanks, we think so too!

Then later, after the internet guy attached a goofy looking satellite dish to the side of our chimney, he told Brandon again that he really liked the way the inside of the house looked.  Ha!  

The day I finally made it out to the house to see the floors with their second coat of paint, I enjoyed walking barefoot on the clean floors and taking pictures of our progress one last time before we bring all our junk valued possessions.  

I still see little things in every room that need attention, like the planned storage cabinet under the stairs.  But I think overall, the house is in a dangerous state of good enough, and there's a risk that once we get moved in, and fire up that new netflix, we may not notice that there are no outlet covers or that the trim needs a second coat of paint.  

One last photo of the kitchen before it's jammed packed with appliances and cabinets.  It's a tiny kitchen, so once all that stuff is in it's place, it's going to be very full.  All the kitchen cabinets haven't been painted yet, so they haven't been installed.  I'm sure the annoyance of having all our dishes in boxes will encourage us to put finishing the kitchen on the top of the do list.  It might be nice to have a fully functioning bathroom before the winter, too.  And a source for heat!

A railing for the stairs seems like a good idea.  

Thank goodness it's this project isn't finished yet, or we may not know what to do with ourselves!  After over two years of being weekend contractors, we would suffer withdrawal symptoms if we didn't save some chores for later.

The upstairs ceiling is one of my favorite things, which is funny, because when we bought the house the low ceilings upstairs was one of the things I was resigned to make due with.  

This side of the upstairs is planned for our office.  I look forward to writing future blog posts from here!

The painted floors have a texture.  It feels nice to walk on anyway, and I'm sure it will make cleaning them more interesting since there are little groves that can trap dirt.  

With this last big push to get things done before the move, I feel like I've ignored some interesting things that are happening outside.  The garden is a jungle of tall weeds, and the elderberries ripened without a harvest, but the pear tree in the front yard has been a loyal shade tree for our breaks, and the neighbors fields are dotted with hay bales, so we haven't completely neglected the nice views.   Just two more weeks and we will get to admire the views every day!

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