Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hello, New Kitchen

Even though the new kitchen is still waiting to have the cabinets painted and hung, the counter top built, the wall behind the stove tiled, and the outlet covers and vent fan installed (whew!), I think it's really cool. When the refrigerator and stove were first installed, I was worried that it would be too cramped, but so far, we are really enjoying working in this space.  Not that I've created food more complicated than reheating leftover pizza and making coffee yet, but chopping up a watermelon in the light from the kitchen window was so much fun it inspired a photo shoot.  

The window in the kitchen faces east, so it gets direct sunlight in the morning which makes cooking breakfast very nice.  But even the evening light was strong enough that the glass of water behind the watermelon was almost white with light.  Washing dishes in this light makes it very easy to see if the dishes are clean.  Which is actually kind of annoying.  I'm going to have to up my game now that I can see so well!  

The small rolling cabinet with the butcher block top, which Byron and Shanna gave us when it didn't fit in their new kitchen, is still in a trial location in the center of the kitchen.  I like having easy access to a work surface from all the work stations, but it's almost too tight for Brandon to work around it comfortably.  My parents have one just like it, so it feels very homey to me.  I may have to put Brandon on a diet so he fits in the kitchen better.  

Unpacking is taking me much longer than packing, surprisingly.  So far in the kitchen, I've unpacked a single blue vase.  It looked so nice on top of the refrigerator, with the turquoise cabinets, that I had to stop and take it's picture!  Whew, time for a snack break, for sure.  But look how many shelves I have in the pantry!  They are already almost full, and I haven't even started unpacking the kitchen boxes.  Yikes.  

Corgi butt looks cute with the new stove, though.  

I tried, but there is no good way to frame a watermelon picture and block the view of the mountain of boxes in the dinning room.  

Where is it all going to go?!

Keep your fingers crossed that we have killed all the mice that were residing in the house.  We were dedicated to setting mouse traps for weeks before we moved in, and eventually got to the point where the traps stayed set, and there we no more mouse murders.  But before they moved on to that giant block of cheese in the sky, they left us a little present in the silverware drawer...

The beginnings of a mouse nest, made with snake skins!  It's bad enough to have a mouse nest in the kitchen, but a mouse nest made of the shed skin of a snake is over the top, even for me.  It's neat though, to see what material they will use.  I found a huge mouse nest in a guitar case in the outbuilding at our old house, and it was made with pillow stuffing and chicken feathers.  It made me miss Mrs. Hall, since it was all black and white feather bits in the nest.  For some reason, the snake skins don't make me miss Carlos.  

Yesterday, I was trying out the various seating areas in the living room with the furniture arranged as we do, while listening to the Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zero's Pandora station and I mentioned to Brandon that the living room has a very mellow vibe.  He said his students wouldn't say it was mellow, they would say it was"chill".  Our living room is chill.  

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