Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Smiley Snake

Should we ever get the point where we actually live in our farm house, I am nervous that some folks who saw the pictures of Carlos, our house snake, may never come for a visit for fear of meeting him.  But, when I saw the smile on his shed skin recently left on the living room wall, in the photo above, I thought I should give Carlos some good PR by showing how friendly he seems.  I admit the smile does seem a bit smarmy, and those cute button eyes are a  tad over the top, but I'm sure he means well.  

Not only does Carlos shed a happy skin, he is very generous with his gifts, as you can see by the three large snake skins I collected from around the room.  I estimate that I have cleaned out at least seven skins from just two rooms, which tells me Carlos has been a long time resident, and that he is a good mouse hunter, since he seems to need to up size quite often.  Maybe he just left his skin in the dryer too long and they shrank, like my jeans.  

And maybe people would appreciate Carlos more, if they could really get a good look at the patterns that his scales make.  The long rectangular shaped scales are from his belly.  

And these honey comb pattern jewel shaped scales are from his back and sides.  Pretty, huh?  

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