Sunday, January 25, 2015

Custom Made Character

A person who doesn't know what they are doing yet can only plan so far ahead, right?   Well, there are lots of little areas in our construction where we haven no idea what the plan is, but we trust that some solution will present itself when the time comes, and the upstairs ceiling is one of those places.  I don't know if you can tell from the photo above, but Brandon is putting a twelve inch board horizontally on the ceiling, right where it meets the wall.  We put the wood strips on the sloped ceiling from the peak to the bottom of the beams, but really had no idea what to do about the little piece of ceiling below the beams, since the wood stripping doesn't do angles, and not all of the beams are level with each other.  

We settled on just using a wide board here, and cutting smaller boards as a sort of face plate between each beam, to cover the gap between the wood strips and the wide board.  I think it looks pretty good, really.  Whenever we make up a solution like this, I tell my self this is the custom part of a custom made home.  Sometimes I call it character.  Sometimes I hope I can hide the custom character with paint, a rug, or some furniture!  

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