Friday, August 22, 2014

Trinocular Case and a Pride of Cats

I have a new kitten!  When I told my mom, she asked where I got her and when, but also "why??".   Well, mostly because she was a scrawny little starving kitten with a giant purr who decided Brandon should be her rescuer.  If she had crawled from the tumbled down warehouse on the side of the highway were we parked for work, and approached me instead of him, she may have been left to fend for herself, since Brandon is less than enthusiastic about living with three cats.  But, she's a charmer, and when we returned to our truck, hours later, and she was still there to purr and rub on his ankles, I barely had to give a mournful look for my poor recently dead chicken and my lost Newt kitten before he was agreeing to stop at the nearest gas station for some kitten chow for the ride home.  Welcome home, new Newt!  As you can see in the photo above, she's already made friends with Ditto, and despite their age difference, they love to play.  

The kitten doesn't have any manners yet, so she was making it very hard for me to take pictures of my trinocular case.  The case was a Christmas gift from my mom.  When I opened the gift and held it up, dad asked "what is it, a trinocular case?" which cracked everybody up, and cemented it's new name.  

It's not really for carrying a trinocular, or even a  regular ole binocular, but for transporting wine bottles.  I joke that mom gave me a wine carrier that holds three bottles so each time I visit her I don't get stingy with the home brew.  

Here you can see it's fancy details - woven sides, alligator skin patterned ends, brass plates, and leather handle.  I feel quite stylish on my picnics now.  

From the top, you can see how the wooden holes hold the bottles apart so they don't clank together.  I've never seen a trinocular case in stores or in junk shops, so I feel like it must be a very unique item.  It's sturdy too, and very light weight.  

In this photo you can see that Max, my sixteen year old cat, is a little stand offish with the new kitten, but he hasn't had a violent reaction like he did when I got Ditto.  Maybe he's used to kittens now, or maybe he just didn't like boy kittens.  Only recently have I had three cats at the same time. I used to think that my house wasn't big enough for more than two.  Some (i.e. Brandon!) would say it's not big enough for one!  But, now I know that it doesn't matter how big my house is because all the cats are going to be where I am any way.  Having three is like being surrounded by an entire pride!  If I sit down, it takes only moments before all three are either on me or against me, according to their own place in the pride hierarchy.  I think I like it.  Maybe becoming the crazy cat lady is going to be great fun!  


Anonymous said...

Brandon's a big softy. NewtII knew that at first sight.


rain said...

She picked Brandon out of a crowd! We parked to meet up with some other folks before heading to the project site, and of the eleven of us, she targeted him as the most likely to feed her. She could tell he was a softy right away.

donny_walrus said...

I still love the Trinocular Case. That's a classic.

Leigh Weber said...

She's a cutie!

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