Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guess Who Got Kittens! And Bolsters.

I have two new kittens!  They came from the last, and final, litter from the momma cat that adopted my parents.  It just so happened that that two of the kittens looked just like my two old cats, Max and Attila.  We recently lost Attila to old age and a bad thyroid, so I was extremely susceptible to the cuteness of the calico girl kitten, especially since it seems that she has a nice personality, unlike poor Attila, who was the worst.  Hopefully Nutilla (a.k.a. Newt) will be the best.  

Max, my big black and white male cat, is still healthy despite his fifteen years, but the little black and white kitten reminds me of him when he was young and energetic.  We have been calling him Ditto, since it's like having a baby Max all over again.  I like having kittens in pairs, so they can play with each other.  Besides, two kittens is just too cute!  


Brandon keeps saying that he can't believe I would bring Max's replacement home while he's still here.  Maybe that's why max hates the kittens so much?  It's been a long time since I had kittens, and I'm used to the slow pace of my geriatric cats.  These days, Max has more in common with an electric blanket than he does with these wild kittens.  Max's main objective in life, after his food, of course, is to take a nap in an available lap.   He's very handy to have around when the house is chilly.  After just a few days I'm remembering the joys of kittens, and the challenges of trying to sweep the floor or do anything with adorable antics in the way.  

Yesterday I was trying to take some pictures of my bolster project, and I couldn't even take photos without interference from kittens.  Not that I wasn't laughing the whole time I was trying to corral them, so please forgive the blurring fur streaks in my pictures.  

I've been pondering bolsters for several weeks now. Why would a person ponder bolsters?  I'm glad you asked! I've been trying to incorporate daily stretching exercises into my life in an attempt to prevent some reoccurring back pain (jeez, geriatric cats and back pain, I think I'm growing up!).  The unreasonably flexible people in the DVDs that I've been watching and trying to mimic have nice big bolsters to prop themselves with while they contort their bodies.  I've been thinking that maybe I could contort better myself, if I had a big bolster.   I can dream, right?  

I looked on the interweb at some handmade yoga bolsters, which were beautiful, but surprisingly expensive.  Then I read about how to sew a bolster.  Some people even said they buy old blankets at thrift stores and roll them into bolsters and then sew pretty covers for them.  Eureka!  I have an entire tub full of handmade afghans!  I'm sure I've mentioned my slight addiction to "rescuing" afghans from junk stores.  I can't help it, when I see something that took so long to make on sale for $3.99, I just have to buy it.  Ask Brandon how many I have and he will exaggerate and imply that we are drowning in them, which isn't true.  Not really.  I guess I do have a bunch.  

When we were in Spain this summer, I bought a couple of thin beach blankets for our day on the sand, which were the perfect width for rolling up with some folded afghans inside, and tying of the ends like a giant tootsie roll.  I figured that if a whole tub of afghans are going to be stored out of site anyway, they might as well be stored in something useful.  These are heavy bolsters, so hopefully I don't pull a back muscle trying to maneuver them!    

Now that I have my bolsters I should be able to bend like a pretzel, huh?  

For Max's personal opinion about the new kittens, watch this interview and let him tell you in his own words.  

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