Sunday, October 20, 2013

Installing a Bead Board Ceiling, Too Many Pears, and Whistling for Turkeys

Not long ago I wrote about leveling the bedroom ceiling in our old farm house.  Well, this weekend we got to really test our leveling skills by installing a bead board ceiling.  We were nervous, and discussed the pros and cons of different ceiling materials over and over before finally settling on the bead board strips.  Even after we purchased the material, and opened the first package, we had a moment of doubt and almost decided to take them back and rethink using drywall.  Then we talked ourselves right back into the the bead board and starting putting them on the ceiling.   Cross your fingers!  

Some good friends joined us Saturday evening for a campfire dinner, and we all camped out so we could get an early start working on projects this morning.  While our friends stayed in the house, Brandon and I elected to camp out in the back of our truck under the camper top.  And because we planned a camping work party, last night was the coldest night so far this fall.  The only thing poking out of my blankets was my nose, and I think it became a nose-sickle!  

The pear tree is so loaded down with fruit, even after all the pears I've picked, that we couldn't resist getting some more.  

My friend obviously has no problem with ladders!  I think the only reason she didn't scramble up the trunk to the top of the tree was because she new I would have a heart attack.  

So many pears!  And they taste great too.  I brought the giant blue tub home and I'm sure these will keep my busy for a while.  

The dogs enjoyed sniffing out rabbit trails and lounging in the sun while the guys worked up a sweat filling in the waterline trench with the dirt that was excavated from it.  We cooked a big breakfast and then immediately fired up the smoker loaded with chickens and vegetables for later.  There's never a danger of starvation when we work, that's for sure.  

The ceiling might not look very impressive in this photo, but I can't get over how good it looks - and it's level! 

On our way home we stopped by Joe's farm to do some chicken swapping, and while we were there we admired his flock of turkeys.  The male turkeys puffed up and strutted their stuff for us.  Joe whistles at the turkeys and the entire flock responds with loud gobbles in unison.  It was so funny.  Check out the short video below for a demonstration of Joe's turkey communication.  


Stormyshay said...

I have always liked the beadboard ceilings. We did it in the bathroom in our old house. I wanted to do it in the living room but went with drywall because it was a lot cheaper.

Looks good! Are you going to paint it or leave it the natural wood?

rain said...

We were afraid we wouldn't have the skills or shoulder strength to mud the drywall on the ceiling, but it's taking some shoulder strength to tack up all the bead board strips too. I'm going to paint it white. The rooms are small and the ceilings aren't very high, so hopefully white will make it seem higher than leaving it natural wood.

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