Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Creating Super Food Movie Snacks

My new enthusiasm for trying weird super foods has made for some interesting after grocery shopping taste tests.  Today, after spending a small fortune at the local co-op, I managed to come home with Himalayan goji berries, Japanese sea vegetables (a.k.a. sea weed), and dried currants.  Currants weren't on my super food list, but when I spied them I thought they had some of the super characteristics.  I also bought a bottle of chia kombucha so I could share the experience of drinking frog spawn with Jamie.  Not only did Jamie willingly eat goji berries and drink live kombucha's organisms on our way home, once we managed to cram all of our purchases in the overstuffed refrigerator, he juiced some kale, spinach, apples, and lemon, and then mixed in some green moringa powder and some dried spirulina algae.   As you can see by his expression in the photo above, either he really likes it, or he's humoring my super food mania and drinking the green cool aid with a forced grin on his face.  I think he likes it.    

It was one of the greenest green juices I've ever had, and one of the best tasting.  I think the spirulina algea and dried moringa leaves are better without carrot juice, and with the sour lemon.  We may actually enjoy drinking it if we make this recipe.  The goji berries aren't bad either.  They are sweet but have a unique aftertaste that I may have to learn to like if I want to eat them regularly.  My theory with all the super food taste tests is that if I keep trying different highly nutritious foods, and sharing these so called super foods, not only will we be getting nutrition while tasting, it might just happen that something sticks, and we have a new food that easily fits into our lives.  Some of my favorites, like pumpkin seeds, avocados, kiffer, and fresh vegetable juice, are things that I never tried, or decided I didn't like when I was still a kid.  Who knows, maybe sea weed will be my next favorite (I haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know if it tastes as bad as it looks).  

One of the super foods I've read about is raw cocoa.  I thought some powder cocoa would be the perfect thing to add to oatmeal, or banana smoothies, but I couldn't tell if any of the powdered kind on the shelves was the super kind.  I'll have to do more research, but I was pretty sure the cocoa nibs, which seem to be just chunks of cocoa bean, were on the good list.  They are nice and crunchy, but have that bitter chocolate flavor.  Turns out that if I mix them with the super sweet currants, it makes the perfect sweet crunchy chocolate snack.  I mixed up a bag to take with us to the movie theater tonight when we went to see Gravity, the suspenseful space adventure with Sandra Bullock.  Jamie and Brandon teased me by asking if I was going to sprinkle nutritional yeast on the popcorn, which is funny, but also a good idea!  I tried nutritional yeast flakes on some microwave popcorn at work today, and it was tasty, but it didn't seem to stick to popcorn very well.  But movie popcorn with all that delicious hot butter flavored trans fat would probably really hold on to the yeast.  It's genius!  The movie kept me in such suspense that I completely forgot about the currants and cocoa nibs hidden in a pocket, so I didn't get to try my super movie snack during a movie after all.  I've never been so glad to not be an astronaut. All that adventure distracts me from my food!

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