Saturday, August 9, 2014

View From My Office

Some days my office view is more picturesque than others!  I spend a lot of time in a work truck traveling to and from job sites, and it doesn't take long for the cab of the truck to feel like a mobile office space seated in a grungy mini warehouse.  Now that so much of my gear is technological, like camera's, cell phones, lab tops, and various GPS devices, the dashboard always has a tangle of wires and electricity converters.  Eating on the go means every cup holder is filled with wrappers and apple cores, and the mix of mud, bugs, and other out door debris in the floor boards gives my mobile office a very rustic patina.  Soggy gear and sweaty muck boots, hip boots, and chest waders behind the seats can create a rustic aroma too.  Bleck!  But the views, the views can be lovely.  Lately, we've been working in an area of National Forest that has honest to goodness covered bridges.  Cool. 

The inside of the covered bridges is very intricate woodwork.  As cool as they look in the day time, they still give me a creepy Sleepy Hollow vibe when driving through them at night.  I realize the chances are slim that we will emerge from the other end to find ourselves thrown back into the past, or into an alternate universe of magic and monsters, but still, I'm a little nervous every time.  

Even the views from the break room are sometimes amazing!  I don't always get to watch tug boats moving long rows of barges down the river while I enjoy barbecue lunch, but when I do I try to savor those moments.  They almost make up for having to eat subway sandwiches for dinner five days in a row! 

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