Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Playing With My Food and How to Save Tomato Seeds

I have only managed to make it to the farmers market a single time this summer.  I like to stop at the small market that sets up in the parking lot of the bicycle shop that I pass on my way home from work.  The farmers are only there on Tuesdays, and I have to get there before six o'clock, and have cash.  Getting the stars to align like this is hard for me to do, and Kroger isn't so picky, but the food I buy at the farmers market is always so much more fun to play with, so I wish I shopped there more often.  After washing the assortment of cherry tomatoes that I purchased from the nice tomato lady, I couldn't resist taking their picture.  It's like having a bowl of colorful jewels.  Edible jewels!  

I enjoyed the variety of cherry tomatoes so much, I decided to save some seeds from each type, just for fun.  I was inspired to try saving the seeds by the man at the market who sold me a gigantic tomato.  He asked me if I liked to grow tomatoes, and when I said I did, he said the tomato I picked out was an heirloom and that if I liked it, I should smear some of the seeds on a paper towel, let it dry, label it, and then roll the paper towel into a plastic jar, and put it in the freezer.  He said that the seeds would keep fifty years when stored this way, and that when I was ready plant them, I should just soak the seeds in ten percent bleach solution for ten minutes, rinse the seeds in a strainer under the tap until I couldn't smell bleach any more, and then plant them.  

After seeing the size and variety of tomatoes this guy had for sale, I can only assume that he was a master tomato grower, and I was happy to take his seed saving advice.  Look at the size of this whopper!  I've never grown a tomato that weighs more than two pounds.  That's one big and ugly tomato!

But is it ugly, really?  From some angles, it was sort of a sexy tomato.  Oo la la!  

In this picture, it even looks kind of cute!  Awww, it's a tomato puppy... See what I mean, farmers market food is more fun to play with!


donny_walrus said...

Great tomato pictures. The last one looks like he is trying to write the name of his murderer in juice.

rain said...

I see a puppy, and you see a horrific murder scene... Donny Walrus, have you been watching scary movies? Now I feel guilty. I confess!!!

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