Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hot Tub Signs

Frost on the grass in the mornings when I feed the chickens...

and flocks of geese on the move over the farm under the cold October moon.  These are signs.  Signs that it's past time for our hot tub!

Brandon has been working hard to get in position for moving the hot tub from our old house to this one.  We started by laying a piece of old carpet where we wanted the hot tub to live.  After several months, the grass was dead and the soil was fairly easy to level.  

The chickens were really dedicated to this project, and spend much of their free time helping with the excavation.  

Once the paving stones were in place, then it was time to arrange the hot tub pick up.  We had no idea how difficult this would be since professionals installed the hot tub the first time. 

With help from Jamie and Byron, the tub was rolled on it's side through the yard to the waiting trailer.  Thank goodness we have a round tub!

Guess who else got to move to the farm?  The cement elephant that my aunt gave me!  For some reason Brandon was less than enthusiastic about moving it, but with Jame and Byron there to help with the heavy lifting, they made short work of it.  

The guys placed the elephant so that it has a nice view of the surrounding fields.  

The hot tub is in place, but we aren't getting to soak up the starry nights just yet.  There's a problem with the water pump.  Over the years, Brandon has replaced the heater coil, and some other parts, so he wasn't surprised that the pump finally went out too.  

When we were cleaning up at the end of the day, I asked Brandon about the pile of tiny parts he left out.  He said "those are garbage, but I'm going to leave them there for a while."  Hmm.... I'm always suspicious when there are left over parts, especially leftover parts that we need to keep around just in case they aren't garbage after all!  

And if leaving hot tub guts lying around isn't messy enough, Brandon has begun excavating a trench for the electricity to the barn and to the hot tub.  So now we have a hole and big pile of dirt right outside the front door!  It's a handy location for the dog, who like to make sure he gets all four feet coated before he comes inside.  I really hope it doesn't rain before the dirt gets put back in the hole.  


donny_walrus said...

You guys are like Energizer Bunnies! Great progress.

rain said...

Thanks! I think we feel more like the competitors bunny - running slower... and slower...and stalling out.

Erica Spencer said...

I remember when I first installed my hot tub. I did it on my own as I couldn't afford to hire professionals to do it. It was a great learning experience for me even though it took a bit longer than it should have. Remember to keep working hard on this, you will be able to learn alot from it.

Erica Spencer @ Culligan Hot Tubs

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