Monday, August 18, 2014

Coming off the Night Life

After a long stretch of travel and overnight stays for work, working through several weekends in a row to meet deadlines, I feel as though I have finally returned home.  Sigh... it's good to be back!  

This morning, as I left my house for a regular length work day in the office, I had moments were it was hard to adjust my thoughts for a work day  in which I get to come home.  I kept thinking of chores that needed to be done before I left, and then realizing that I can do those things after work.  Wow, after work is a great concept!

Since most of our recent work has involved staying up late catching bats, we are still struggling to switch from a night life to a morning life.  What would a team of nocturnals do if they saw carnival lights in the distance as they traveled down an interstate highway?  They would stop to ride the Ferris wheel, of course!

Since we arrived right before closing time, we got our tickets at a discount price, and got to ride the Ferris wheel twice before we hopped back on the highway.  It's been a long time since I have attended a county fair, but just like my memories, everything looks better from a distance.  The bright swirling lights were fantastic from the highway, and from the top of Ferris wheel, but when viewed up close the patina of dirt and obvious wear and tear on the machines, and the operators of the machines, added an extra dose of fear since I anticipated that the whole thing could just come rolling off at any minute.  Weeeeee!

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