Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Green Grass and Iris Blossoms

Remember how I was saying how ugly our backyard was?  Back in February?  Well, green grass and some iris blossoms look much better than mud and doggy chew toys!

The little trees that I planted several years ago are starting to look like trees!  Even the tiny red bud seedling that kept being lost in the weeds in years past, is as tall as me now.  I'm looking forward to the shade these trees will provide someday soon.

The hardest part about moving from our old house was leaving my plants behind.  But, now that the bulbs and peonies that I transplanted are beginning to thrive in their new home, I feel like my old friends are right here with me.  

The herb spiral is still a work in progress.  Cleaning the the green algae from the siding helped me see the backyard with rosier glasses.  

We've been moving stones around as we figure out where we want borders and walkways.

Just taking these pictures inspired me to pull some weeds from the perennials that grow around the old cistern.  We haven't been taken over by weeds yet, so I'm enjoying all the growing green leaves.  We've been hatching plans for a railing around the pool, and we've even hinted to ourselves that we might put painting some of our outbuildings on the list.  Oh, boy!

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MA said...

Lookin Good!

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