Monday, January 18, 2016

Perfect Sunset

I saw the most perfect sunset.  I was home from work with just enough daylight to quickly do the chicken maintenance chores before dark.  After I finished making sure the tiny chicks in the brooder had food, water, and warmth for the night, and before I locked the guineas and the big chickens safely inside their coop, Puck and I stood in the front yard and watched a golden glow reflect on the clouds. 

I had to breath on my finger tips to keep them from going numb with the cold, but I still managed to take pictures.  I couldn't decide which part of the sky was the most photogenic.  

The camera turns the sunset colors a little more orange than they looked to the naked eye.  To me, the clouds appeared neon pink, with a bright orange nucleus.  

The neighbors pond reflected the swirling lights in the sky like a tiny mirror.  

The yucca stalks and pods that grow near the driveway inspired me to take pictures of the sunset with silhouettes.  

Even grass seeds look pretty against the setting sun. 

I started to frame shots with the little mulberry tree branches, but Puck gave a little whine to let me know he was getting cold paws.  

We made sure to lock up the chicken coop before we cocooned ourselves in the house.  The sunset was reflecting on the glass of the chicken coop as well.  All the windows and reflective bits around the farm had miniature sunsets to admire.  It was perfect.  

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