Thursday, January 28, 2016

Frozen Eggs - What's the point of chickens?

It's an egg-sickle!  As you can see by the state of my eggs (frozen solid!), the weather has been a bit chilly of late.   

The egg on the left was thawed before it was put in the frying pan, but the egg on the right was mostly frozen.  It was thawing so fast I barely had time to grab my camera.  Turns out, frozen eggs cook up pretty good.  I'm not sure if this would be a good way to store eggs or not, since they might dry out in the freezer, but being frozen for a little while doesn't hurt them.  

The most recent preferred nesting location for my hens is in in an old groundhog hole filled with straw under the mower in the shed.  This makes it a little difficult to retrieve the eggs, since I have to either get down on my knees to see them, or reach blindly into the creepy darkness and feel for them, all the while hoping the groundhog doesn't think I'm trying to get fresh.   

After I finally collected this egg cache, and Brandon saw that they were all frozen, cracked, and grungy from being stepped on by the hens, he asked me if I had forgotten why we even have chickens.  I thought it was so I could watch them, feed them, talk to them, and worry about them.  But no, apparently we have them for the eggs!  Good to know.     

When we first got chickens, we would feed the dog or the chickens the eggs with cracks, since germs might have contaminated the egg inside.  Then we decided it was safe to eat them as long as they were freshly laid and the membrane inside the shell wasn't compromised.  But since these eggs were cracked with the cold, but still frozen, we decided that germs were probably too cold to grow in them, so I washed them off, and we ate omelets for lunch.   We made sure they were cooked through, just in case.  So far, so good.  

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