Thursday, December 10, 2015

Rain Likes rain

A couple of weeks ago, we got a lot of rain.  I like rain.  Who doesn't like Rain rain, right?  I rarely sing Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day, although lots of people sing it to me.  Strangers are inspired to do it, even, when we're introduced.  It's kind of cool to have a theme song, I guess.   

We had so much rain, that there was water over the road near our house.  I got real excited when I saw this, because I was convinced that if this road was un-passable by my little car, then the alternate route to work, which even has signs warning about water on the roadway, would also be under water, and I would get to call in work with a solid excuse.  Can't come - the road is flooded! Yay!! I mean, ... it's really too bad... just so unfortunate... but you know what they say about Mother Nature...  I had to go anyway though, because the other road was fine.   

It rained for so many days in a row, that I started to feel house bound, and decided to spend the few fleeting minutes of semi-daylight that I had after work one day, exploring the drizzly wet farm.  Each blade of fescue was lined with perfectly round water drops, conveniently placed to make my ankles wet.  

Come on, Puck, just a short walk down the driveway to experience the mist.  Puck did not want to get his belly fur wet, and he wouldn't budge past the mowed yard.  Wimp.

I like it when the fog is thick like this, and all the sounds are different because of the moisture in the air on the world.  It helps me feel alone in an Andrew Wyeth sort of way.    

For the first time, I noticed how curly the leaves are on the broom sedge.  An entire field of golden curly locks.  

This is the route I take everyday to work, just past our driveway.  Someone cut the side off the big ceder tree to make room for the road.  

I took this photo from our driveway, and I thought the oncoming vehicle was the school bus.  I live in fear of passing the school bus on this narrow road.  It's only happened once so far.  I was on the phone, and the bus driver didn't even slow down.  By the time I figured out how to panic, it was over, and I lived to tell the tale!

This is where we dug the clay for our rocket mass heater.  It's a baby pond!  It filled with water when it rained, and has been holding water ever since.  The orange flags are where I want to put the swimming pool, and that's why we dug our clay from this spot, since some soil will have to be removed to get the pool level.  Maybe I should skip the pool and just go swimming in the pond! 

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