Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Cats Like RNA Smoothies

Look, kitties, this smoothie matches our walls!  Cool, right?  No..? 

It's that time of year.  The candy jar at work is filled with irresistible chocolates, Brandon is already planning to make his holiday peanut butter fudge, and my shopping list this week includes all the ingredients for Brandon's mom's famous magic cookie bars.  Yum.  With all this in mind, I've been trying to get back in the habit of making a daily smoothie.    

I've added a new ingredient to our smoothies too.  Mom and I recently watched an online presentation where this chiropractor claimed he was having success treating patients with sleep apnea using RNA supplements.  What?!  I never knew there was such a thing as an RNA supplement, or that RNA was something that when consumed had an effect on the body.  I've had a few genetics courses, and learned about DNA, RNA, and all those little bits that make us who we are, but never remember hearing anyone say that consuming RNA could have an effect on health.  Turns out, our bodies incorporate microRNA fragments into our cells from our food, just like vitamins and minerals - RNA molecules are taken from the food we eat, and then used to build our bodies.  Maybe even change our bodies, depending on who's RNA we are eating (hmm... maybe there's something to the genetically modified food argument, after all?).  So, since I take all my medical advise from random chiropractors on the inter web, I decided to see if there's a natural way to increase our RNA consumption.      

My research landed me on this green powder, called Rejuvenate (with an !).  And we all know how much I like a green powder calling itself a superfood.   I've already talked myself into drinking grass juice, algae, and even strange African plants sold at jewelry stores, so I was immediately on board.  

Just look at all the weird things in this - kelp, dulse, spirulina, chia seeds, nutritional yeast, and the list goes on.  It smells like something that's good for you, for sure.   

Baby spinach is still our favorite green to use in a smoothie because it tastes so mild.  With some frozen berries, a banana or two, and scoop of magic green powder, I should be able to eat peanut better fudge without getting scurvy, right?  

Whoa, that's green.  Whoa baby, that tastes green!  Maybe I should add a few pears to sweeten it up.  

Help me! I'm drowning in green sludge!  I rarely have as much empathy for a fruit as I did these pears.

The best way to serve a green slurry is in a fancy glass.  Anything in a fancy glass tastes good.  Notice that Brandon gets his served in a old peanut butter jar.  Should I feel guilty? 

I'm not sure which of the long list of strange ingredients captured the cats interest, but they stalked me while I was making this smoothie, and Newt even had the audacity to jump on the kitchen counter while I was standing there!  Normally, they have enough manners sneak and do this when I'm not within swatting distance.  

I had two cats perched on me while I tried to enjoy my tasty treat.  And really, it was pretty tasty.  Those sweet ripe pears were the the key.  The poor cats wanted it so bad I let them lick the glass.  Who knew cats liked smoothies?  

Newt, is your tongue numb?  

Ditto looked so silly licking his chops after his taste of smoothie that I wanted to take his picture with his tongue out.  Lick.  Click.  Missed!  Lick, click.  Click.  Click.  Lick.  Click.  Doh!  Is he intentionally being uncooperative?!  Click. Click. Lick.  Ah!  I give up.  Twenty pictures later.  

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