Saturday, July 12, 2014

The First Tomato and Scrambled Egg Pizza

Here it is, in all it's tiny glory - the first tomato from the garden.  Sigh (of contentment)... 

Maybe a ripe cherry tomato isn't as grand as other year's firsts, but for this year, when my gardening efforts have been scaled back to accommodate weekends working on the house project, instead of puttering in the garden, my expectations have also been scaled back, and I'm satisfied with my tiny tomato.  

Actually, I was more than satisfied, I was excited, and posed my tomato bounty on the swing so I could photograph it's perfect roundness and lovely mottled color once again, before I savored it's perfect tomato flavor.  I didn't even plant this tomato plant, it volunteered in the garden where last year I had Chocolate Cherry tomatoes growing, and all I did was not pull it up.  It really was the perfect tomato.  

After admiring my tiny tomato, and savoring my one exquisite bite, I entertained myself by picking some of the pea pods that dried on the vine, and shelling the peas.  

Aren't they a pretty color?  From just a few handfuls of pods, I got enough peas to replant the pea bed, if I want.  I can't remember if the peas I planted were hybrids, but it may be worth planting them just for the fun of seeing if I can grow a fall pea crop.  Or maybe I should make a half cup of pea soup?

I kept Mrs. Hall distracted while I shelled peas by letting her finish off my water melon rinds.  Watching a chicken eat watermelon is more entertaining than you think it would be.  Not as much fun as watching a pony get all slobbery over watermelon rinds, which is a fun childhood memory, but still a good time.  I guess the lack of chicken lips prevents working up a good slobber.  Instead of drooling, chickens sling their heads back and forth real fast to sling off the extra juice that gets in their nostrils.   Silly chickens!  

I didn't check the nest box for a few days and found a bounty of eggs.  Have you ever tried putting scrambled eggs, almond basil pesto, and slices of Swiss cheese on a pizza crust and baking it in an iron skillet?  I recommend it!  Despite his doubts, Brandon agreed with me that it was good, like a quiche, only easier.  

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