Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rainbows and Sunsets

While Brandon was busy hauling garbage cans full of rubble from the house destruction renovation to the dumpster, I was busy running around outside taking photos of the rainbow that appeared in the sky after a light rain.  The rainbow was one of those perfect ones that arch across the entire sky from one side to the other, and I could see the entire thing since our house sits on a small hill and there are no obstructions to our view of the sky.  I like the picture above because I accidentally captured Brandon in the shot while he's still wearing his dust mask and safety glasses on his way back in after emptying his can of debris. 

I walked all over our fields trying to get the perfect photos, and the one above is the closest I got to capturing the whole thing in one shot.  I'm sure my phone camera does some fancy panorama photos that could have captured the very ends of the rainbow too.  The trees in the photo are in our east field, and mark the boundary of our property.

In this picture from the back of our house you can see the faint second rainbow above the bright one on the bottom.  And I'm pretty sure that we are going to spend at least two pots of gold making this old house livable, so it seems appropriate that the house be at the end of the rainbows.   

A friend and coworker who lives in the same area was glancing through my phone pictures and recognized the rainbow.  He said that he bet that every person who lived in the county had pictures on their phone of the same rainbow, because he and his neighbors were out looking at it too.  It was beautiful, and lasted for long enough that I could really enjoy it. 

I've never lived in a place where I could see such spectacular sunsets.  I guess it's the lack of neighbors, or any sort of buildings, other than some silos and barn, in our view, and because the house is on a small hill instead of in a valley, like where I grew up.  I've seen wonderful sunsets when visiting the ocean, or on other travels, but to think that we could see sunsets like these just out our door amazes me.  

The sunsets are spectacular, and combined with the lightning bugs flashing over the fields, it's better than TV.  I predict that when we finally make the move to the farm we will spend many evenings admiring the setting sun instead of watching old televisions shows on Netflix.  No, I really shouldn't say instead of, I should say that I predict we will watch the setting sun before we watch TV! I want it all. 

I'm so glad the realtors didn't put photos of the sunsets in their adds or this place would have been snatched up before we found it, despite the condition of the house. 

On days work on the house, we find ourselves staying late, just so we can watch the sun go down.  It always seems like the perfect way to end a day.   
(Brandon just looked over my shoulder and jokingly asked me if I had any pictures of butterflies to add to this post!  I so wish I did.  I guess I'll just have to refer to the photos of the kittens for that last dose of girlie-ness.  Ha! )

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