Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mr. Fluffypants Visits for Easter

I've been doing some traveling for work, so I didn't get to tell you about getting to bunny sit Jamie and Ashley's angora rabbit while they were on vacation.  Isn't he adorable?!  And fluffy!  After all, he is named Mr. Fluffypants.  

Jamie and I did the bunny exchange at work, so I carried him around to introduce him and most people asked "What is it?"  He's so fluffy you can't see his face.  He came with an entire car load of gear.  He has his own bunny playpen, complete with litter box, food bowls and furniture.  He eats rabbit pellets and timothy hay, and papaya treats.  I was surprised to find that he does actually use his litter box.  At least eighty percent of the time, anyway.   

He's a little skittish with me, probably because I like to brush his hair, and we all know how much young boys like to have their hair brushed. Because he was staying with me during Easter, I couldn't resist doing a photo shoot with my Easter egg basket collection.  He's harder to photograph than you think.  Not only is he wiggly, his hair falls over his eyes and he looks like a lumpy fur ball.  

He didn't quite fit in the basket.

Silly wabbit.  I don't know why he doesn't love me more.  Ha!

Not only did I have the company of an Easter bunny, I got to make cupcakes with chocolate eggs arranged in little icing nests.  So fun.  

I boiled a bunch of eggs from our chickens to make potato salad.  Two of my hens lay blue eggs, and even the bowl of egg shells looked festive.

They all look the same on the inside though.  And taste delicious!

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