Monday, April 24, 2017

Here's Hattie!

Sunday was Brandon's forty-first birthday! What man wouldn't want a second donkey for his birthday?!  Don't answer that... 

The day that Rufus and I have been patiently waiting for finally arrived, and luckily it arrived just in time to make an occasion of Brandon's birthday.  Hattie is here!  She's Rufus's little sister, and has come to stay with us so she and Rufus can keep each other company.

She's only seven months old, so she smaller than Rufus, and has lighter colored fur.

Her face seems more narrow than Rufus, which makes her eyes look a bit close and her nose a bit big.  She's has mud and burs in her rough baby fur coat, but still manages to look adorable.  Her bray is deep, scratchy, and not as melodious as Rufus, and she brayed on and off throughout the night last night, probably missing her mother.  Poor baby.  

Rufus is already extremely jealous of the new baby.  When I try to pay any attention to Hattie he lays back his ears and swishes his tail, and put's his body between us.  Hattie is a kicker though, so she lets him have his way, but not without showing him that she has limits.  She defends her limits with double barrel kicks to his face and neck.  You go girl.  

Hattie's arrival wasn't the only super exciting thing to happen to commemorate Brandon's birthday - we now have handles on our kitchen cabinets!  Woohoo!  And, all the cabinet doors are attached.  The handles were lost during the renovation and move shuffle, but once they reappeared, Brandon had to spend some time with the dremel tool grinding off the rust.   They cleaned up much nicer than we expected.  I didn't appreciate how nice it would be to have handles on the drawers and cabinets.  I get excited to retrieve something from the kitchen, just so I can use the handles!  

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