Monday, June 17, 2013

Cabbage Worm Art

I was distracted from the task at hand by the intricate worm holes in cabbage leaves as mom and I visited her garden to see if we could harvest some garlic for a soup we were making. The garlic was ready, and because mom planted the cloves last fall by putting them on top of the soil and covering them with straw it was easy to harvest.  She just pushed the straw aside to reveal a perfect garlic bulb. 
The cabbages are being eaten by these little striped caterpillars.  

It is tragic that these lovely cabbages are getting marred, but it was fun to arrange worm art compositions with my camera phone.  
I have way too many pictures of holey leaves, but I couldn't stop myself!  Why don't they just start at one side and eat it all from there?  Because it wouldn't look as cool, that's why.  
In the wee hours of the morning, when we were all still enjoying some tasty beverages on the front porch, it was suggested that we examine the cabbages for snails.  Two in the morning may be a strange time for most people to garden, but to a group of second shifters and nocturnal bat catchers it seemed only slightly odd.    
What was amazing to me is that all of us had lights in our pockets at the moment the foray was suggested.  Each of us, dad, mom, Jamie, Leigh, and I, activated our cell phone illuminators.   We live in an amazing age.  Right this moment I'm sitting in the woods attempting to catch bats and writing about cabbage on my phone.  Please forgive my spelling and formatting, the bugs that are landing on my phone and face because of the glow is distracting.

Dad pointed out that if you put your light below the cabbage leaves you could see the slug's shadow from the top and find them.  Well, this made even more amazing worm art photos!

The soup turned out perfect, with garlic, asparagus, parsely, and sage right from the garden. 

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