Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ants and Yard Art

March really did blow in like a lion, keeping us up all night huffing and puffing and trying to blow our house down.  You know what else arrived with the first day of March?  Ants.  I returned home from work yesterday to find a sink full of dirty dishes which were crawling with tiny ants.  Sigh.  Yay, spring is here...

But lets not focus on my terrible house keeping.  Instead, lets admire our new artworks!  An artist  and potter friend recently gave us some large ceramic sculptures, and we've been having fun finding places to display them outside.  

It's always risky to give us breakable art, since we don't have very much room to display things inside the house, and sometimes bad things happen to art displayed outside. These cool pieces survived the recent storm, and I think they make our wood pile even prettier.  

Seeing the completely spherical clay piece makes me want to get out the potters wheel and see if I could do that.  

This piece found a home at the bottom of the wood pile.

Brandon placed this huge clay sphere on the cut tree stump in the front yard.  The green glaze on the bottom looks good with our green door.

It's heavy, so we really hope no one (I'm talking to you, Wendigo) knocks it over.

Things are starting look a little more tidy and organized around our place these days.  It helps that the grass is starting to green.  Green is prettier than mud.  The buds on the pear tree are opening already. I've noticed that the hay I've spread around the barn to keep the animals feet out of the mud is starting to disappear, which means it's been warm enough for the decomposers in the soil to make some progress turning organic matter into the raw materials of life.   

Remember the tall ceramic totem sculpture we put up a few years ago?  It fell apart this winter.  The low temperature clay and wax wasn't strong enough to withstand the outdoors, and it fell apart.  It was cool while it lasted.  

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