Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I Watch Them Eat

A friend of mine recently said to me, with sort of a confused look on his face, "I just can't imagine spending so much time with goats."  Since I can't imagine spending time sitting in his basement watching soccer games on TV, I can see why we don't hang out more.  

Do you know how many animals we have now?  I had to write it down because I don't have enough fingers to count them!
  • 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 donkey, 3 goats, 5 guineas, 4 roosters, 12 hens, and 3 chicks

That's thirty-three digestive systems in action, so just feeding them and managing their manure gives me daily reasons to move my muscles that I enjoy. Despite my parents best efforts to encourage physical activity in their bookworm daughter (as a child I tried t-ball, basket ball, marching band, karate, water aerobics, gymnastics, and gym memberships), other than swimming and hiking for fun, I've never really gotten hooked on any hobby or sport that requires physical effort, but I like gardening, composting, and taking care of animals.  I really think spending time with goats is good for me.  Besides, I like to watch them eat.  Maybe that's weird to televised soccer enthusiasts.  

Peaches is especially fun to watch eat.  She eats like she really likes her food.  It's fun to bring her samples of different plants and see what she likes, or walk with her while she takes bites of different plants.  We both like plants, so we get along pretty well.  She even ate a bunch of sorghum leaves, which later I read are on the poisonous for goats list! 

If you look at my recent YouTube posts, it's mostly boring clips of my animals eating.  And I watch them!

Watch Rufus eat his first pear (it's like watching a sloppy toddler!). 

Watch Peaches eat some leaves (It's filmed in real time - she actually eats that fast!).  

Watch Rufus eat some sorghum seeds. 

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Anonymous said...


Could you send me a copy of the picture of all the chickens on the roost through my email? I would like to use it in the window I'm designing for you.


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