Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Hat

Technically, it's not even my hat.  It was a funny gift for Brandon, last Christmas, but it soon became the hat I always want to wear around the homestead.  I love it because it's so warm and comfortable and is long enough to cover my ears and contain my ponytail.  The fact that it has Yoda's face and ears is just a bonus.  I usually forget that my hat is so ridiculous until I'm talking to someone and they keep glancing at the top of my head!  Recently, Wendigo followed our fourteen year old neighbor on his walk to the mailbox, and while she was away, she mired herself in the black muck that rings their pond.  From the state of her fur, it appeared that she had some trouble getting herself unstuck, too.  

The neighbor kid was kind enough to bring our filthy dog back home to us, and I laughed with Brandon later because as I thanked him for bringing the dog home, I had the goat on a leash and was wearing muck boots, pink Micky Mouse pajama pants, my ugly green coat, and the yoda hat.  It's fun to be the crazy neighbor lady.  Ha! 

The hat has floppy ears that sway in the wind, so I kind of know how Peaches must feel during a strong weather.  Now that I think about it, Peaches shares some of Yoda's best features, doesn't she?  Long floppy ears, she has.  What know I of ears?

Rufus and I look sort of goofy in the hat.

But as always, Peaches brings a stylish flair that I can't help but envy.

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