Thursday, May 12, 2016

Moments of Chicken Zen

Sometimes I think I must write about chickens too often.  Because really, who wants to read about my chickens so much?  The answer must be - me!  Why think about work, or housework, or yard work, or any kind of work, when we can think about chickens, right?  Chickens keep it cool.  If my chickens have worries, I can't tell.  Their concerns in life, it seems to me, are mostly about food, and a little about sex.  When they have plenty of both, they seem content with life.  A visit with the chickens is good for a moment of zen during a busy life.  

The chickens communicate their contentment by lounging around with each other companionably fussing with their feathers and taking dirt baths. Since they love to eat vegetation and bugs, it's like the farm is a giant buffet which they can graze at will.  

I can always count on the chickens to do something blogtastic enough to inspire photos and a few words.  Like Poncho, displaying his lovely feathers on the door of the corn crib.   When I capture his flapping wings in photos like these, he reminds me of images of angels.  

I'm not sure if Poncho flaps his wings like this to impress me or to warm me off.  He has four white hens that are always in his vicinity.  He keeps them loyal by searching out tasty bits for them to eat, and keeps their attention by finding something elevated to stand on where he can serenade them with his crow, and impress us all with his flapping wings.  

Poncho looks cool from all angles, and I think he knows it.  My new young rooster, Cogburn, doesn't crow as classically, but his wing flapping display includes loud slapping noises as he smacks his wings together behind his back.  He can even make that noise when he's on the run.  

I'm so impressed with Poncho's tail, that I can only imagine how many pictures I would share with you should I ever get a peacock.  Something to look forward to!

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