Monday, November 9, 2015

A Green House in the Sunset

This is what a greenhouse looks like when it's been disassembled and loaded onto a trailer.  Does this small pile of pieces look like it would take five people nearly six hours to accomplish?  

I've never looked closely at how a green house is assembled, so when Joe asked if we wanted to help him take a green house down a few weeks ago, and said it should only take a few hours, I thought it must not be too complicated.  It's just hoops with plastic, right?  

It wasn't quite as easy as it sounds.  The frame of the green house is held together with screws.  Thankfully the owners of the greenhouse still had the bits that fit the squarish end of the screw.  We had a couple of cordless drills and some ratchets, and we kept them busy.  

Screwed onto the metal hoops and support pieces is this open faced metal C-channel.  This is critical to holding the plastic in place.  

Wiggly shaped stiff wire, called wiggle wire, is pushed into the C-channel on top of the plastic to hold the plastic down.  It's genius!  The wiggle wire, once I pried an end loose, was pretty easy to rock back and forth and remove from the C-channel, freeing the plastic.  

The sides of this greenhouse have the ability to roll up, for ventilation, and the plastic was held onto the bottom pole with short sections of metal tube that clip over the bottom pole.  I tried to pay attention to the dismantling details, and take pictures, so we could reassemble the greenhouse in it's new home.  

It was a really nice day to be working with friends.  The people who owned the greenhouse had a lovely small farm, with border collies, guineas, and gardens.  We ordered pizza and drank wine while we worked together to dismantle greenhouse before it got dark.  They have to move from their farm, so I know taking the greenhouse down, after planing a garden in it for the last five years, was a little sad for them.  

But they said they were glad it was going to a new farm, where it would still be used.  Can you believe their tomato plants were covered in ripe fruits, in November?!

We tried to bundle the pieces together with tape, and label everything, but I have a feeling putting it back together is going to be worse than buying new furniture from Ikea.  No instructions!

What an incredible sunset?!  

On a technical note - why is all my text aligned in the center?  
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I tried adding to my html code (yes, me, the Luddite messed with my code!), 
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