Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Second Window and Garlic Progress

What's better than a window?  Two windows!  One of the first big tasks that Brandon tackled when we started working on this old house, was to replace a broken window in the dinning room wall with a new one.  I was very impressed with his accomplishment, and bragged about him here.  As we've been spending more time in the house we've mentioned to each other several times that it the interior of the house seems more dark than the house we live in, which has lots of big windows in the living room.  Of course, some of the darkness is due to the lack of lights and electricity, and also because the walls and floor are woody brown instead of painted, but you can never have too much sunlight, right?  The photo above shows the original window location, which Brandon replaced, on the right, and the brand new window that he installed near the end of February on the left.  Twice as much light.  Nice.  Now that I can see all the old bricks and other junk piled on the cistern from the inside, I feel very motivated to do some outdoor cleanup.   

In this photo you can see the new window from the outside.  We debated putting in one large window in this location, but after shopping for windows and looking a how expensive big windows are, and considering how it would look with the other small rectangular windows in the rest of the house,we decided to just add a second window next to the existing one.    

As I was outside admiring the new window it began to snow giant wet flakes.  They were so big that when they would fall on me I could feel their weight, like they had substance.  They were so fat and juicy that they made plopping noises when they landed.

I can really tell how far we have come as builders when I consider my level of amazement at the installation of the new window.  When Brandon replaced the old window at the beginning of this project, I was super impressed with his accomplishment, and couldn't believe that he figured out how to replace a window which he had never done before.  I wasn't even there to fetch things for him, hold things in place, and second guess his every decision, which I consider an important part of every job.  Now, nearly a year later, he can cut a new hole in the house and put in a window starting from scratch, and I nearly forgot to mention it on the blog!  He's going to have to raise the bar.  

The little green sprouts in the foreground of the the picture above are garlic, from the cloves I planted just a few months ago.  So exciting to have something growing in my new garden!

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