Monday, September 12, 2016

Huntington Beach Adventure #2

Our family beach camping adventure may have only been for three days, but it took at least a week for us to recover once we got back!  Because of a very inconvenient hurricane, Brandon and I, plus our two nieces and two dogs, made the eight hour drive to the campground on Saturday, and then back home again on Monday.  Whew.  It was hard core fun.    

We never really intended to take Wendigo with us on vacation, because, after all, she is supposed to be our farm guard dog, but when it came time to leave our puppy behind, we couldn't bear to, so we squeezed her in too.  Other than a trip to the vet, it was her first car ride.  Her first campground, beach, paved walking surfaces, and her first time on a leash for more than a few minutes.  She had no problem with any of it, but wasn't a big fan of the waves crashing at her feet.

Puck is an old hand at traveling and camping, so we all followed his lead and just chilled out and enjoyed ourselves.  

We had all our gear from last years trip, so setting up for a long stay in the sun was easy.  With only one full day, we took advantage of the after hurricane calm water and blue skies, and soaked up the waves and the rays.  

And the long naps in the shade!

We were up before sunrise every morning, which made it possible to squeeze in all kinds of fun, including walks on the beach at sunrise, a trip to the gift shop for boogie boards and souvenirs, giant campground meals, and swimming in the salty waves.   

After dark, we explored the beaches for looking for crabs and other sea life, and were amazed by tiny phosphorescent jelly fish that were washed ashore.  They glowed bright green in the dark, but when under the beam of a flashlight, they looked like small gobs of clear jelly.   

By Monday morning, we were all exhausted, and being piled in the car with car seats and puppies didn't keep the passengers from taking well earned naps.  The nieces came with a lap top and a box set of the show Full House, so when they weren't sleeping, they were happily entertained.  

Because Puck didn't like to share the back of the car with Wendigo, and the nieces weren't thrilled about having her trample them when she came over the back seat, she ended up riding up front with me on the way home.  She barely fit in the floor board!  I'm glad she got to come to the beach this year, because as fast as she is growing, I have a feeling she won't be able to ride in the car much longer!  

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