Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Conversation with a Fugative Cow

Me: Hello, random cow, loose on the side of the road.  I'm on my way to work.  Shouldn't you be inside a fence? 

Cow: Huh? Are you talking to me?  

Cow: Pstht!

Me: How rude!  

Cow: Do I know you? Why are you staring at me ?  Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer! 

Me:  Good idea!

Cow: I was being facetious.  

Me:  Shouldn't I herd you somewhere, or fetch your farmer? 

Cow: Lady, I suggest you stay in your car.  In case you can't tell, I'm giving you the wary scary cow eye.  Move on. 

Me: Got it.  If anybody asks, I didn't see anything.  

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